• Sarah Jackson is using the SMART Notebook 11 software in conjunction with the Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. The Intuos 5 tablet is available to all faculty. It is housed behind Carol Ricke's office set up with a studio quality microphone and Dell computer with a webcam.

    Please, take a few minutes and watch Sarah record her voice with her motions. Step 1 - Record from SMART Notebook 11. Step 2 - Save recording with a .wmv extension. Step 3 - import to Windows Live Movie maker where you can refine and add stills or text. Step 4 - upload to You Tube.com where it will be compressed and available to whomever you care to share your link with.

  • Digital Strategies for Your Analog Classroom

    The principles that underpin successful games can be used to transform a college class even without a digital game or programming knowledge. You can use these principles in an analog class to create an educational experience that contains the best of both worlds: a game-based overlay without technical distractions. 

    Get tools you can use by watching the Magna Online Seminar, Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching. This one-hour seminar teaches you to use the concepts involved in successful games while providing practical ideas for translating those principles to your classroom or learning management system.

    Game-based learning helps teachers engage students by transforming the educational environment. Play a new kind of game—one that enhances learning.

    Topics Covered

    This seminar addresses practical ways you can apply gaming theory to enhance the learning experience you provide to your students. 

    By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

    • Identify the five principles of gamification
    • Develop strategies to translate these concepts into action in a face-to-face class, a learning management system (LMS), or an online class
    • Adjust curricular designs to take full advantage of gamification elements
    • Wrap the gamification elements around a central location such as an LMS
    • Locate resources to assist you

    Games are not just play. Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching explains how the concepts that underpin successful games can transform a college class even without digital games.
    Learn From an Expert

    Kevin Yee, PhD, is the Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the University of South Florida. His main research interest focuses on emerging technology, Web 2.0 tools for teaching, and the pedagogy of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), particularly when combined with gamification.

    Who Should Watch this CD 

    Gamification’s unique approach to teaching will help faculty at two-year and four-year higher education institutions conceive of learning in a completely new way. 

    Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching 
    is intended for the following members of your faculty: 

    • Professors
    • Associate and assistant professors
    • Lecturers and instructors
    • Graduate teaching assistants
  • Tony Shull, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, leads you through some of the fundamental steps to begin using the SMART Board. Sandy Nissen, Nursing Instructor, created a PowerPoint, from her experiences, to guide you further than the fundamental steps to build lessons using SMART Board technology.